Below, are testimonials from my greeting card business showing
customer satisfaction. Soon, Lind Graphics will have its own testimonials to replace these.

Thank you,
Byron Lind
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"We have been doing business with Byron at Kookaburra Cards from the beginning of
our practice, 21 years ago. While my husband was in college, the chiropractor I worked for
bought cards from him, so I knew what his products were and the quality as well. My orders
are quick to ship and always perfect. Kookaburra Cards gives us the ability to give a personal
touch to our patients. Thank you Byron for always going above and beyond for us! "
Kellea Baker, Arkansas

"I have had wonderful results in my practice working with Kookaburra Cards!
Mr. Byron Lind is professional and responsive. He has always delivered a quality product
that got results and he did so on time and at a fair price.
I enjoy that Kookaburra Cards is a small,
private business that knows me personally and treats me respectfully like a good friend.
As a small private practice, with no time to waste, I am grateful for my relationship with Byron.
I can get the cards I need, when I need them, and unlike some card printing megastores, Byron doesn’t
stress me or waste my day trying to upsell me on everything from coffee mugs to tote bags.
Kookaburra Cards is simply the best 
Glen Nykwest, DC

"I have had the pleasure of working with Byron and Kookaburra cards for almost 20 years.
My patients and I really love how he makes these cards so personal. You won’t find these
anywhere else. Whether you need a card for Christmas, birthday or any other occasion,
I highly recommend Kookaburra cards!"
Thomas E. Resendez, DC, CCSP

"I've been a customer of Kookaburra Cards for over 15 years now.  I chose their cards for
several reasons.  I like the visual style and impact; the cards get noticed right away
instead of just being tossed.  The artwork is unique and fits our style of practice.  The turn-around
from order to receipt is fast, and the prices are reasonable.  They are willing to customize them
to our specifics with no trouble at all.  Overall I would highly recommend Kookaburra Cards!"
-Dr. J

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